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    Design View Workaround

    RandomReado Level 1

      I have discovered a way to make Design View work as expected in Flash Builder 4.6 with Flex SDK 4.9. I tried it on one of my existing projects and I can use Design View as normal, debugging tools and export to release build no problem.


      The workaround is really easy to apply. But if you want to try it, please do so at your own risk.


      Here's what I did:


      1. Remove Flex SDK 4.9 from Flash Builder 4.6 (if already exists)
      2. In the Flex SDK 4.9 folder, edit the "flex-sdk-description.xml" file, changing the "version" number from "4.9.0" to "4.6.0"
      3. Re-add the SDK into Flash Builder
      4. Open a project and choose to use Flex SDK 4.9
      5. Open Design View