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    RoboHelp 10 in TCS 4 - locking up




      I ran a search on this topic in the forum and posted my description of RoboHelp 10 (in Addobe TCS 4)

      under this thread:




      I am reposting with the detailed description (link above) of my issue with RH10, in case it is not getting the visibility it should.


      I am running Windows 7 64 Bit and have the latest patches (I believe for RoboHelp 10).


      If anyone else has run into issues with RH10 locking up (when doing File>Open in RH10), then please let me know if there is a solution.


      I will reload Tech Comm Suite 4 if necessary - although I think there is a serious bug with RoboHelp 10.


      Thanks for any suggestions and feedback.  This is very important, because I have a RoboHelp 10 delivery coming up
      and I am dead in the water at the moment.





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          vishu#13 Level 3

          Hi Jim


          Issue : Robohelp Freezes/ Locks Up even when you Launhc Robohelp and click Open.

          RESOLUTION : First thing you need to make sure that you must install Adobe TCS 4.0 as an Administrator.


          Close Robohelp 10.Click on Start button and just above the start buttin, in the search box type regedit. Open Registory Editor and then go to HKEY_CURRENTUSER>Software>Adobe>Robohelp>10.000.00

          Make a right click on the 10.00 folder and click Export. Choose Desktop from the left panel and save it with a name Backup. (This way you can make a backup of 10.00 regisrty entry)

          Now make a right click on 10.00 folder in Registry Editor and click Delete.

          Launch Robohelp and observe Robohelp 10 behavior.


          ISSUE : Robohelp crash while converting Framemaker file (document/book)


          Resolution :


          Try Short Path Convention : If Framemaker file (document/book) is on network drive or on such location in your computer that the location path is so long, then change the location of the Framemaker file.


          Say you have a folder name Test that contains Framemaker document/book then copy and paste the Test folder in the C drive. Then the path of the book will be C:\Test (Shortest path)


          Now open Robohelp and open your project where you want to import Framemaker file. Once the Robohelp project is open, click on File> Project Settings and then click on Edit Conversion settings for Framemaker documents. Click on Image and then Uncheck Use Distiller to Generate Image. Click Ok and then click Ok once again.

          Go ahead and import the Framemaker file/book.


          Hope it helps


          Thanks and Regards


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            jamesm0671 Level 1

            Hi VJ,


            Thanks for the detailed email.  I will go through your instructions today.


            Surprisingly, RoboHelp seems to be working today, but I have my work laptop back at work and am able to open projects on both my "C" drive, as well as a network drive.


            It almost seems like RoboHelp was stuck trying to resolve where it was last effectively used (on a network drive on Friday).


            Note, I had the laptop at home on the weekend (trying to work locally on a C drive) and I could never get File>Open to work.


            Anyway, I will try the instructions you mentioned and see if that makes a difference.  And, I will update this forum posting, if there are continuing issues with RoboHelp 10 locking up with File>Open.


            Thanks again.