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    I get this error when I click my form link on my website: "An Error Has Occurred"


      I just finished creating a “Request Service” form, successfully tested the form, and was able to view the logged request when I logged into my Adobe Forms Central Account.


      I was given the following link to the form on Adobe's server:



      I confirmed that the form was in the "Open" mode, i.e. available for viewing on Adobe's server.


      I coded the link as follows and placed the code on my "test" page.


      <P align=center><A href="https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=dOpn7GGHc8RDXgK13J8n8w" target=_blank><Font size=2 color=#0000FF face="Trebuchet MS">Click Here to Submit Your Request for Service</FONT></A></P>


      When I went to the live "test" page on my website and clicked the hyperlinked text, the following message came to screen:


      "An Error Has Occurred. The form does not exist. Reenter the  web address as the link may be misspelled."


      FYI: When the error message screen comes to screen, it does not stay up long enough for one to read the instructions before the page redirects to the sign-in page and, after one signs in, there are no instructions as to where/how to "reenter the web address" to see if the link has been misspelled.


      I do not know what is meant by "web address"; does this refer to https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=dOpn7GGHc8RDXgK13J8n8w or to my business website address, www.windowsxp7support.com?


      Thank you for your assistance.


      Best regards,


      Jeff Meyers


      (619) 955-6246