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    Premiere PPro CS6 hangs up on encode


      I did a quick search here for 'encode' 'media encoder' and it didn't come up with anything, so appologies ahead of time if this has been answered 100 times; however I feel I have an interesting problem:


      Recently I attempted to export a video I have been working on for a few months. I've already successfully exported various versions of this video many times (client keeps changing mind). On my most recent attempts the export got hung up at 96%. At this point the status box started acting weird and went from an estimate of around 2 min to completion to some 15 digit random number (7 years, 21 min?). Activity Monitor showed that PPro was using up over 2000% of my CPU (normally 150% on encodes). I let it sit for about 10min with no luck. I rebooted my Mac Pro (2012 12 core 12GB RAM) and tried again. No luck. Updated PPro 6 package. No luck. Reset presets etc... No luck. Eventually I was forced to just wait it out and eventully it completed the encode after about 45 min. The sequence is light on effects and runs about 2min. This would normally encode in realtime on my machine. I expect this is there is something corrupt in my sequence, but I'm now sweating bullets as another sequence for another client is not encoding at all. It just gives me the Unknown Error dialogue. Same thing if I try and render effects in work area. So... Is there likely a major problem with Adobe Media Encoder? or is there a major corruption in several of my projects (never happened before with PPro 5.5, or 6)? If the latter is true, is there an efficient method for finding the corrupt clip? I need to get this thing to the client ASAP. Thanks in advance for the help!


      PS: I have tried copy/pasting the clips into a new sequence. Also deleting almost all parts of the sequence with no luck. Still says error in compiling sequence. Unknown Error.


      Update: Just restarted my machine again along with PPro. It will no longer export any sequence from this project (there are many)!!!


      Also, tried encoding it through Media Encoder and it was running fine until about 1/2 way through the sequence when it just stopped encoding and seemed to go to sleep (showed ME using 0.2% CPU for about 15 min with no action; however remained active in the system)


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