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    Multicam edit from nested sequence -- no audio?

    team8land Level 1

      Can someone please help me explain why I can change the video tracks as if they are multicam in my nested sequence, but I can't change the audio?


      I created a sequence called "sync" which basically is all of my cameras, each on their own individual tracks, sync'd with each other, as they turned on and off throughout the shoot.


      I cut this 'sync' sequence into my main timeline 'master', and then enabled multicam. I can now beautifully cut between cameras using the 'multicam' window and clicking on the preview of the shot I want as it plays. I've made my visual edit, but now I want to go back and choose my audio tracks, which it seems I can't do...


      Furthermore, it seems that my nested sequence, which has video cut into V1 and audio cut into Stereo track A1, is only playing stereo track A2 from 'sync' when it's played on 'master'. It seems to be somewhat dependent on the tracks I have enabled on 'sync', but not entirely:


      1) If all audio tracks are enabled on 'sync', only A2 will play from A1 on 'master'

      2) If all audio tracks except for A2 are enabled on 'sync', no audio will play on 'master'

      3) If only A2 is enabled on 'sync', only A2 will play from 'master'.


      Is there any documentation about this behavior? Is it a bug? Is there any way to select a different audio track from 'sync' from the multicam edit window?


      Thanks in advance!