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    Getting message "error encountered while writing file"


      While trying to do a full backup to an external hard drive, I am getting a message "error encountered while writing file" after about 75% of the 14,000 photos.  I believe I have traced the problem to a missing slide show presentation program that was on an external hard drive (F) I no longer have. The program still works (from the C drive), however if I click on the program thumbnail in the Organize screen (which points to the F drive), and try to delete it, I get a message "An error occurred while reading files or writing files to disc. The disc may be full or there may be a problem with the source media."  I believe that is because it is looking for the program on the non-existent F drive.  What can I do to enable a backup?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try using the Menu


          File Catalog (Manage catalog)


          Then use Optimine and repair buttons.


          That may improve the back-up process but you should delete known conflicts.

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            sparkyaz Level 1

            99jon, thanks for the reply.

            I deleted two other slide show programs by right clicking on their thumbnails then clicking on "Delete from Catalog" and doing the optimize and repair buttons and all went fine.  These files were known to be on the C drive, however, I cannot delete the file on the phantom F drive with the same procedure.


            I noticed the slide programs have a file extension of .psess and did a Windows searched of my computer for the file in question and found it as a hidden file and deleted it via Windows.  The file name is now in the recycle bin however, the thumbnail still appears in the PS catalog and it still works.


            I am doing all this in preparation to moving from my XP machine to a new Windows 8 laptop.  I also bought PS Elements 11 to install on the laptop.  I am wondering if installing PS 11 on the old XP would help with my problem.  Or would it cause a problem that could result in the loss of all my photos?  I sure would like a backup before starting to move to the Win 8 laptop.


            UPDATE: Tried a full backup to a new external HD and it failed at 75% just as before.

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              Andromeda14 Level 3

              What is the source of backup (CD/DVD/External hard disk)?


              The .psess file is located inside 'Projects' folder in your catalog folder (location of catalog folder can be determined from Help->System Info). You can check for the permission of this file and make sure that all users has read-write permission for it.

              Now right click 'PhotoshopElementsOrganizer.exe' (located in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Elements 11 Organizer) and select 'Run as admin'. Now try deleting file.



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                sparkyaz Level 1

                Andromeda your instructions worked fine.  I was able to find the phantom F drive and delete it.  Once that was done, the backup ran fine and I was able to install the catalog on my new Win 8 laptop---except PS11 sure is different than PS7.


                Thanks much.