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    Embedding Flash swf in Google Site displays NaN output but works in Debug mode




      I am loading a text file with three variables into a flash file (CS5). The flash file then calculates and prints the three values based on some calculations. I am storing the text file as an attachment on the google page in which I am embedding the swf file. What's weird is that the flash file plays correctly in debugging mode (i.e., prints the 3 variables correctly), but as soon as I upload the swf to the Google site page (as an attachment in the same location as the text file), the flash file outputs NaN. I am stuck as to why the file works in debug mode in Flash, but not when it's uploaded to the google site page. I have tried storing the text file on SharePoint and referencing it from there, but I get the same results when viewing the swf on the Google site page.


      Is it because the google site page is using SSL?


      I am fairly new to flash, so any help would be appreciated.





      Variables.txt stores this: "current=6950&goal=7175&low=6950"


      Here is the code in my flash file:


      _global.getPercent = "";

      myvars = new LoadVars();



      myvars.onLoad = function(success){


                l = Number(myvars.low);

                c = Number(myvars.current);

                g = Number(myvars.goal);


                getPercent = (c-l)/(g-l);

                if (getPercent > 0) {

                          colorshow._height = (getPercent*colorshow._height);

                } else {

                          colorshow._height = 0;