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    Cannot start CS6 Bridge on Windows 8 Machine.

    Dave Rosser Level 1

      I am running Photoshop CS6 (Creative Cloud subscription) on a Windows 8 machine.  While Photoshop itself starts perfectly OK when I click on the Bridge ikon I get a revolving little circle for a few seconds, then nothing.  The same happens when I try to start it from within Photoshop.  Mini Bridge says it can't start without full bridge running.  Anyone have any Idea how to get Bridge to run.  The only clue I can give to what could be the problem is that I had CS2 running on the machine prior to installing CS6 and I wonder if there is still some detritus from that installation hanging around.  By the way I have searched the forum and tried most of the cures suggested in the past for similar problems on earlier versions of Photoshop.  It is a anoyance rather than a game stopper for me as I manage my phot library using Lightroom but I would like to sort the problem out.