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    Is there a way to adjust the paragraph's after space increment units?

    Ellis home Level 4

      Hello everyone. I have a document with images inserted as part of the text flow. I'm using one paragraph style for the image and another one for the image's description. The image's paragraph style has a 0.1875 inch after space. I want to adjust it down. It seems the increments are set at 0.0625 inch at a time (it goes from 0 to 0.0625 then 0.125  then 0.1875 and so for) But, visually, it actually adjust it only when increment reaches 0.125 (in between it doesn't have any visual effect). Is there a way to adjust the increment so it does it 0.0625 inch at a time instead of 0.125? Basically I'm adjusting the space between the image and the image's description.