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    Scroll through the timeline

    oliverS Level 1

      Hello Code-Heros,


      I am an After-Effects and little bit of a Flash man.


      I am fascinated by html5, specially when I saw the following page:




      Why? Cause it´s similar to the working of animated stuff in After Effects. So I am asking me:


      Is this possible in Edge?


      So I played around with the programm and it felt very well.


      The only "one thing" which does not work at all, is scrubbing with the mouse or


      the touch-pad on my Macbook..


      The last five days I spend the time in front of my computer and searched all forums


      but I can´t find any solution. After 3 days it felt like a loop, cause there


      are always the same pages with the same links.


      Either it is so complicated or it is top secret, or both...


      What I am looking for is somebody who has a solution for "just" scrolling the mouse


      and the timeline follows back and forward.


      The animatics are not the problem, but this f... scrolling wont fit at all.


      There are some solutions for huge stages (900px*3600px)


      but this is not what I am looking for.


      I want the mouse to follow the timeline not scrolling down in the browser window.


      In the example they made it look like scrolling the page down but I am shure its a fake.


      What I need is a small stage, long timeline and smooth scrolling.


      So is there somebody out there who might help?



      Many greeting from Germany