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    Binding Web Service results to an existing model

      I'm writing a simple proof-of-concept application which uses Web Services to return data from a server.

      I wrote the GUI first and created a model in the way recommended by the Cairngorm Microarchitecture and used dummy data.

      I then created a Web Service and am expecting to be able to bind (as in JAXB) the results of the WS call to the existing model classes. However, having spent the last 3 hours looking, I'm failing to find a solution. The object graph returned from the WS contains only ObjectProxy instances.

      I'd be surprised if there's not a way of doing this (maybe using the XML class?), but am struggling to find it. Please could someone point me in the right direciton?


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          I found the below snipper here : http://flexwiki.adobe.com/confluence/display/ADOBE/Flex+Builder+3+Planning#FlexBuilder3Pla nning-WebServicesIntrospection

          Does anyone know whether this was implemented and if so, where I might find some documentation for it?

          Web Services Introspection

          Planned milestone: M3

          SOAP web services are one of the most popular ways for developers to access data in Flex applications. Flex Builder 3 should make it easier for developers to build applications that consume web services by helping them introspect WSDL files and automatically generating connection code for invoking web service operations. A related goal is to enhance the web service model so that developers can create client proxies that return strongly typed objects. This model is also more common in other programming languages, such as Java and .NET.

          * Users MUST be able to add a web service reference to a project by pointing to a WSDL file by URI.
          * Based on a WSDL reference, Flex Builder MUST be able to generate strongly typed client AS proxies for use in a Flex project. This will also trigger code hinting on those proxies.
          * Once a web service has been referenced, Flex Builder should provide code hinting and error checking for its operations and their associated types, including any custom types consumed or produced by an operation.
          * Users should get a hint on how to use the generated code after it is generated