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    Magic Bullet Denoiser

    lisaellensegal Level 1

      I am running CS5, Windows 7, quad core and trying out MB Denoiser.  I love how well it works, but I found a strange behavior and was wondering if anyone else has had the same experience.  I have a projectwith both .mt2s (AVCHD) files and .m2t (HDV).  I applied Denoise to both - looks great.  I needed to modify levels so I added the levels effect.  All was fine with the HDV or .m2t clip.  The .mt2s or AVCHD clip changes to the last clip on the original footage (I had shortened the out point).  I rendered out about 10 seconds to test to see what I would get.  I get correct audio with only the one frame running throughout.  As soon as I turn off or remove levels, the footage is fine (still needs levels adjusted).  I have a ticket with Magic Bullet and they are working on it, I just wanted to see if this was common.  I prefer to use levels, but is there another choice that I can try to increase my light levels?  Brightness does not do a very good job.