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    How can I stop select tool 'picking up' objects


      Hi, I've just upgraded to CS6 from CS3. I'm finding that with most files, when I click, or double click, on an object with the 'select' tool the object is picked up and begins to move around to wherever I point the 'select' cursor.


      I think this is a feature rather than a flaw, but all I generally want to do is double click in a text box to edit text. Instead I end up engaging in a merry dance something like when Peter Parker first gets his powers and keeps picking things up with his sticky hands and can't put them down; except less funny.


      Can anyone help me to stop this behaviour and get back to editing text easily?


      Don't know if it helps, but I'm using a Magic Trackpad and a Yiynova pen display (like a Cintiq). Doing the equivalent 'mouse clicks' with them both produces this effect.


      Thank you.