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    How to ensure Premiere Pro saves nothing to my computer's hard drive

    Furious Hodag

      I recently installed CS5 on my MacBook Air. I have a 1TB Time Capsule (wireless external hard drive) and I want Premiere Pro to save exclusively to that drive and not to my computer's hard drive.


      I have all of my source files for my project (audio, video, images, etc) on the Time Capsule and saved the project to the Time Capsule. However, PP is still saving stuff to my computer's hard drive and I can't seem to find what or where it's saving it. The computer hard drive is already near full so I want to keep all things PP on the Time Capsule.


      Also, every time I open up the project, PP re-indexes and re-conforms all of the media I'm using for the project. Furthermore, when I try to export and encode, Media encoder is saving stuff to my computer's hard drive even though I set it to save to the Time Capsule.


      Basically I'm really frustrated with constantly getting "Your hard drive is almost full" warnings from my MacBook Air, resulting in me just moving other, non project related media off of my computer onto the Time Capsule or just deleting it altogether.


      Help me use Premiere Pro so that it saves nothing to my hard drive and exclusively to my Time Capsule! Thanks!