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    Can't get into App Builder, started as PC file

    michele108 Community Member

      Desperately seeking someone with experience!


      I built my app on a PC and put everything into the folio builder thinking this would be a simple process. Oops.


      I've got a Professional Membership and two folios, one for iPad, one for iPhone.  I've also got two problems.


      Problem 1. The folios from my admin account are not showing up in my application account. I did use my admin email as the application name for the application account. I thought that was the way to establish a connection. Was I wrong?


      Problem 2. Nothing at all shows up in the app builder in either account.


      I got a whole lot of nothing.


      Can anyone help? It all looks fantastic from my PC, but I can't seem to get it off of there or the cloud!


      Thank you in advance