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    Interactive boxes associated with text?



      I am wondering if anyone knows of a way in InDesign to associate text with interactive check or text boxes so that when I change the text, I don't have to change all the interactive boxes seperately? Maybe in paragraph styles?   I am using CS6.


      Thanks for your help!

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          Please provide me some more informations so that i have a better understanding of this concern .


          Are you looking for a creation of a form through with you can get the informations from the persons , as in Indesign we can do that but we need to have a server connectivity and that can be provided through Acrobat .


          So please tell me the workflow and the brief idea about the situation along with the Operating system and the product like is it a Suite or individual Indesign .

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            sbrown_corvus Level 1


            Thanks for your reply. 


            I am creating a form that has checkboxes before a line of text or a text box after a question.  So what I have been doing is putting all the text in a text box then putting individual checkboxes or text boxes where I need them.  This document is like 30+ pages long, so when I change text, I end up having to change a lot of interactive boxes too. I am wondering if there is a way to link the interactive boxes with the text so that when the text moves/changes, the box moves with it.


            Hope this clears it up.


            Thanks again!