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    inserting a still into timeline, on project, still shows black


      I'm a new user, but from what I understand I am doing this correctly, I had a friend come over who is familiar with the program and she couldn't figure it out.


      I am trying to insert a series(about 10) jpg images from my d800 camera into my timeline.  that works fine.  I have tried this full size, fit to frame, and I have manually resized, I have also tried a tiff file just to see.   Once the jpg is in the timeline, it shows up black in the project window.


      I rendered it to see what would happen, and htey were there, but it's really frustrating not having them there now while I"m trying to put the movie together to see if they fit.


      Also, I just tried to adjust the brightness through effects on a video clip, and then after doing that the video clip plays mostly black with a bit of strobing.


      Does anyone know what is going on?  I"m super frustrated and would appreciate any guidance available.