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    i can't view streaming video or get streaming audio


      Youtube and other progressive video works fine. Even video on Fox News' website. I can't stream video from their website from any of the three streams (FNC, FBN, FoxLive). I also can't use many radio stations that use flash player, such as Mark Levin and KFMB San Diego. Flash tries to connect to the servers and just never does. Problem occurs in IE and Firefox.


      I had a permissions fight with a video driver prior to this. I was out of disk space and removed som things. I ran CCleaner and deleted some things.


      Troubleshooting: Used uninstaller to remove flash. Re-installed. Disabled firewall and tested (no fix). I cleared browser caches (no fix). Reset browser settings to default (OMG, that screwed up my address bar system whereby I type gg search and get google feeling lucky and other shortcuts and it removed all my search engines)

      After many hours of trying everything I could think of, IE showed the video . I shut it down and tried Firefox.... no go. Tried IE again.... no go.


      It's a left-wing conspiracy!

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          I'd start by resetting your hosts file




          Then I'd try restarting in safe mode with netoworking enabled to see if something is being loaded at startup that is interfering.

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            ronwelch Level 1

            Yup. I feel like a boob. I've been an MCSE since the 90's. Cut my teeth on Netware and Banyan Vines. I failed to check the obvious. I restarted in safe mode as suggested and the player worked. I guessed it was a service that was stopping me. Wrong... even simpler. There was a new 'friend' in my task list. I think I updated Ccleaner off the download.com web site. What BS. Sendori was installed. It wasn't picked up as malicious by Security Essentials but it screwed me up and I don't remember installing it. I'm very good about unchecking boxes when installing software I want (ccleaner). I uninstalled using control panel - programs & features. At least it uninstalled nicely and I didn't have to chop it out with malwarebytes or by hand.

            Thanks, Chris.