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    Is this even possible with PSE 11?


      I am a long time user of PSE 2.  It lacks one functionality I would like to use: when I make a custom brush that uses multiple separate points, such as the ones shown at the beginning here: http://div.dyndns.org/EK/tutorial/froofy/, the brush has no pressure sensitivity.


      After discussing the problem with a friend who has PSE 8, and who was able to get pressure sensitivity with just such a brush, I purchased PSE 11.  To my dismay, the custom brush still lacks pressure sensitivity.


      Did I just waste eighty bucks?  Is it simply impossible to get pressure sensitivity with a multielement brush in PSE 11? (Fade does not count.)

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          R_Kelly Mythic

          Sure you should be able to use your custom brush with pressure in pse 11.


          Did you check the pressure options under Tablet Settings?


          Here's an example of a brush i made similar to the one in the link you posted and i'm able to use the different pressure options

          and also save the brush with the settings intact.





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            Hialfi Newcomer

            That was helpful, thank you.  Now I have pressure sensitivity.


            Unfortunately, now ALL my brushes have unremovable spacing, as seen in the image... but I was able to fix this by removing all presets, which is exactly how I fixed it in PSE 2.  This bug should NOT be in the program after fifteen years of updates.


            The good news is despite the image below, everything is now working fine.




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              R_Kelly Mythic

              The problem i believe is you have Set this as a default checked in the brush settings, which will use the settings from whatever brush was selected at the time the box was checked.

              If you uncheck that box then pse 11 should use the settings as specified in the brush presets.




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                Hialfi Newcomer

                It doesn't seem to matter whether that is checked or not.  I check it, go to another brush, go back to the first brush and it's back on 20% spacing.  I can live with that.  A more serious issue is every single brush being locked unadjustably on spacing, producing the effect seen in the picture above.  Luckily I have seen exactly this phenomenon in PS2 and knew how to fix it (resetting all preferences).  It does not speak well of the designers that the same bug has made it way through at least ten generations of the software without being caught and fixed.

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                  R_Kelly Mythic

                  I think i get what your saying about the brush spacing changing between brushes as some settings for the brushes can't be locked

                  even in full version of photoshop. I guess it's by design, since it's been that way since photoshop 7.


                  I'm not sure i understand about the brushes being locked unadjustably on spacing.