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    NetStream doesn't seem to clear

    markc888 Level 2

      I'm using the following code to reuse a single FLVPlayback component variable.

      Would anyone know why the NetStream doesn't stop?

      Or is this a Scout specific issue?


      public function clearVideoPlayer(newSource:String):void {


      if (_videoFLV) {



        _videoFLV = null;



      _videoFLV = new FLVPlayback();

      _videoFLV.autoPlay = false;

      _videoFLV.autoRewind = false;

      _videoFLV.width = 320;

      _videoFLV.height = 240;


      _videoFLV.source =  newSource;





      But after running the function several times, accoring to Scout the NetStream doesn't get closed.

      In the Network Events row of the UI I get

      e.g. 4 x Recieving NetStream audio/video, 5 x Recieving NetStream audio/video, 2 x Recieving NetStream audio/video


      This goes on indefinitely, long after the length of any of the videos.