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    Trouble displaying A drop down list in Contribute


      I am having trouble with a client that has downloaded Contribute onto their windows computer. The page in question contains a drop-down  nav- bar which I coded using CSS. I have had the page certified by W3 CSS and the html also went through at 100%. It displays perfectly in all browsers and also in my version of Contribute 6.5. My client is also running the same version of Contribute, however the drop-down menu won't render properly in their version of contribute unless they try to edit the page. This is a problem because they rely on the navigation bar to navigate the site for editing. On their version of contribute the navigation bar appears as a lengthy unordered list instead of a smooth drop-down list which appears on all other browsers and versions of Contribute. I have changed the name of the CSS file and its location several times. This hasn't solved the issue. Any suggestions please???