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    Styles applied for PrintDataGrid are not getting affected.

    $h@!k101 Level 1

      Hi, I have used printDataGrid for printing my data. I have applied css style for the printDataGrid. css style applied for this printDataGrid is given below.


              mx|PrintDataGrid.printing {

                  headerColors: #D8DCDD, #F1F2F2;

                  color: #000000;   

                  alternatingItemColors: #D2D3D4, #F1F2F2;



      Use of mx:PrintDataGrid  in my application:


      <mx:PrintDataGrid id="ddDataGrid" width="99%" height="100%" styleName="printing" sizeToPage="true"/>



      But in the print document not able get alternatingItemColors for the printed datagrid.

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          DeanLoganBH Level 3

          From the documentation for PrintDataGrid

          The PrintDataGrid control is a DataGrid subclass that is styled to show a table with line borders and is optimized for printing. It can automatically size to properly fit its container, and removes any partially displayed rows.

          The <mx:PrintDataGrid> tag inherits the tag attributes of its superclass; however, you do not use the properties, styles, events, and effects (or methods) associated with user interaction.

          You might have to look into converting the data to a PDF for printing in order to get the styles you are looking for.