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    Ps Elements 11 Editor won't open or takes a loooong time....


      my Ps Elements 11 Editor takes 3-4 mins. to open, if it opens at all.

      it seems to get stuck on the "scanning for plug-ins" stage.

      at times I get the "program not responding" pop-up.

      It makes no difference if I try opening from within Organizer (which works just fine)

      or directly from within Windows.


      I have Topaz labs FX as well as onOne Perfect Effects 4 installed.


      System: Win 7 pro.

                    GeForce 9800 GT (1Mb Ram)

                    4 Gb Ram

                    2 x 500Gb HDD.

      Programs: PsE 11 and Lr 4


      I've never had this problem with my previous PsE 9 and/or CS5

      which have now been completely uninstalled.