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    Photoshop.com to Revel complaint/concern

    earl.83 Level 1

      Have to say I am shocked and very disappointed at the transition from Photoshop.com to the new Revel service.


      With over 23 albums and 1,000 photos organised, titled and with descriptions under the Photoshop.com I am now going to have to go through the arduous and time consuming process of creating new albums and adding descriptions to all my photos a 2nd time as this data appears to have been lost during the move to the new service. Further there seems no means of merging the imported photos to the new Revel library and I look set to have my photos spread out across two library's.


      What with the new upload limits and pricing structure seriously contemplating spending my time finding an alternative service (dare I say it even moving back to Facebook) and certainly will advise others to steer clear of Revel.

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          Scott V Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hello Earl,

          Please see our FAQ Forum post "How do I share my photos in Revel" http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1157995?tstart=0

          There is information in that post that might be helpful for you to understand Revel.


          I am not sure which device that you are using, but if you are using the Revel Mac app, you can select multiple images and drag them to an album. I found that process worked great for my albums.


          While Revel offers some of the top features from Photoshop.com, it doesn't offer everything.  We know that can be frustrating.  We are working very hard to deliver more capabilities and expand onto new platforms, devices, and file formats. But we need your help.  Please give us your thoughts Adoberevel.com/support on how to make Revel a better product. We appreicate your feedback