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    Changing datamatrix properties




      I am pretty new to Adobe Forms and have the following problem:


      I want to change the properties of a datamatrix barcode (it's not a paper form barcode), especially the number of segments. By default only 4 segments are created (at least if the content is not bigger). I tried to change it with a FormCalc-script, but couldn't manage to do it.


      This is my code:

      Code3.ui.#barcode.dataColumnCount = "1"

      Code3.ui.#barcode.dataRowCount    = "2"


      "Code3" is the name of the barcode, the values are just examples. I played around a lot with these values, but could not see any difference. I inserted the script at different events, all without any change:






      Can someone tell me where my mistake is? Or is the change of these properties not supported for datamatrix?


      I am using Adobe Livecycle Designer ES2 in an SAP-system.


      Best regards,


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          leesutton Level 3

          The rendering of the modules and their size is actually controlled by the barcode renderer. So, the sizing of the modules will grow when there is less data and the barcode size allows. I don't believe you can access any of the properties manually. The only items I know are exposed are the error correction levels.