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    Time Lapse on PE11 -- how to?

    gbrmk Level 1

      Just bought (a real bargain at GBP11-79 equiv. USD 16-70) a Neewer Timer Remote Control Rs-60E3 For Canon 550D / T2I specifically to start doing time lapse photography, another new departure for me.


      I'd like to know if there's an article on the Discussion Forum about how to process the separate photos to get a good effect.   Harrington on one of his sites has a couple of videos on the actual taking of the photos (and I'm sure he's right to insist on taking them in RAW format and processing in ACR before making the video).


      Steve has a section on creating a Slide Show in Organizer (and also earlier in the book in Project Assets, I think) but I've not yet tried this, and I couldn't see (although I have only looked through it quickly) anything specific about making it time lapse.


      For a time lapse effect, can you import, say, a couple of hundred files, make a slide show, and simply use the Time Stretch to speed up the final product?


      Presumably also the default length in seconds for imported still photos has to be re-set at, eg, 1 sec, 2 secs?  (If that's so, would one then not need to do modify with the Time Stretch?)


      I looked in the Muvipix site, but couldn't immediately see anything on time lapse, and I haven't yet found anything on Harrington about turning the RAW files into the timelapse video (also he's not dealing specifically with PE).


      Thanks in advance for any guidance on this.


      BTW, the customer reviews all say the Neewer Timer (as above) is as good as the very much more expensive Canon equivalent, but they all bemoan the fact that there's no on/off switch although most add that it's a simple matter to remove the batteries after each use.


      Part of my interest in time lapse, apart from the inherent fascination of the thing, is to deal with the problems of making videos in very low light or night time.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you're creating a timelapse from several photos:


          1) Make sure that, before you bring the photos into your project, you've resized them 640x480 pixels (standard definition), 855x480 (widescreen) or 1920x1080 widescreen.


          2) Find a way to name the photos so that they will list in alpha-numeric order.


          3) Start  a new Premiere Elements project and select the correct project settings for standard, widescreen or high-def. (This will not happen automatically when you're working with photos.)


          4) Before you add the photos, go to the program's preferences (under the Edit menu in a PC) and set the duration for each still.


          Then it's simply a matter of adding the stills to your timeline. If you've named them so that they're in alpha-numeric order, you can drag them all to the timeline at once and you're done.

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            gbrmk Level 1

            Looks good to me, Steve.  Thank you.   I'll probably begin with a moving clouds effort, most seem to do so     Then a trip downtown at night.

            all best


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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              I use Steve's method, for both Time-lapse and Stop-Motion Project - similar, but with a few differences.


              I use one of my utilities, like Adobe Bridge (sort of like Organizer, but with more power, and available only with other Adobe programs, like PS, PrE, AI, AE, etc.), NaMo (older, free file naming utility), ThumbsPlus (commercial file organizer), or SuperExplorer (a Windows Explorer replacement with more power for some things), to Rename my files, usually into a Numbered Sequence, say [Clouds_00001.jpg, through Clouds_00099].


              The Duration that you set, will depend on the look that you want. I have done some, where I wanted only 1 Frame, per Image, but also done a few, where maybe 01 sec. (25 Frames in PAL-land) provided me with the "look," that I was after.


              If you go with a short Duration, then you will probably want to add Cross-Dissolves between the Images, and to do that, you will want to adjust the Duration of the Cross-Dissolve way down, to right at 1x to 1/2 the Duration of the Images. If I were to decide that 25 Frames (01 sec. Duration) was ideal, then I would set the Duration of the Cross-Dissolve to about o1 sec. too.


              To determine the "look," that you want, I would do a test with only a few Images, and experiment with their Duration, plus the Duration of the Cross-Dissolves, until I had it just like I wanted - then clear the Timeline, and Import those Images, placing them onto the Timeline.


              Good luck,