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    How to add parameters to component w/class path

      Hi, I'm new to Flash 9 and I don't know how to add parameters to a Flash 9 component I create via the Component Definition dialog box if my component uses a class file.

      The second I enter a class path for the component, it wipes out any created variables. I'm trying to create a simple label component that's not based on the fl.core.UIComponent class. I just want to see what's the simplest component I can create.

      All I want the component to do is display a colored background with a text field on top whose value I can change from the inspector. It doesn't need to resize, change state or anything. I figured I could do this without the overhead of the UIComponent, more as a learning exercise, but I've had no luck and would appreciate any help.

      I assume if I were basing this on UIComponent, I could take advantage of the Inspectable metadata structure, but I suspect I don't have that route.