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    Troubles & Feature Requests

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      When creating a single answer radio dial question, the longest answer selection (no matter how characters it is) gets pushed to a second line.  I have a few of these questions on one form and found if the answer is 10 characters or 25+ it chooses the longest one and does it every time.  Why is that?  For example, one of my answer selections is the word "Restricted", all the other choices are shorter so it has chose this answer and pushed it to be "Restricte" on one line and then the "d" is on the 2nd line.  I have tried lengthing the field to no avail.  I had to add a second word "Restricted Roster" in order to at least have "restricted" not be broken, but "roster" still goes to the second line.  I really do not want it to read like this and prefer everything be on one line each.  There is plenty of room so I do not understand what the problem is.


      Feature Requests:


      1.  When printing a single response report using the Show Details view, it should include the "Text" fields we have entered on the form.  These text items are included to separate items for the user so why not include them for the administrators?  In my case I need them to enter contact details for three people in a row.  On the form I included a text field for the person's title/role (text I entered) and then put in the entry fields for First Name, Last Name, E-mail, etc.  I did this three times.  On the report all I see if First Name, answer, Last Name, answer, E-mail, answer, First Name, answer, Last Name, answer, etc.  If I wish to print this out and give it to someone they will not know the person's title/role because it is not printed there.  Why can't the printable single response sheet look just like the form we built with all of the field entries and items selected?  It would look a lot more professional and be easier to read to determine exactly what the person was responding to.  Many times these forms need to be printed to include in meetings, packets, etc.


      2.  The need for password protected forms under form options.  Or at the very least, be able to validate a single text entry field to be required and set the requried entry.  If they do not enter the "word/number" defined then it does not allow the user to move to the next page.  Either of these options is available using Qualtrics forms which is a very nice and useful feature.  I just prefer your response and report views much better as they are easier to see "by respondent vs. by question.


      3.  When placing items side by side, Admin should have the option to "order" the entries for reports.  Rather than read left to right, it may be best for items to be read up and down, then over to the top of the 2nd column and up and down again (like reading an article).  I had placed First and Last Name on top of each other to the left then E-mail and a radion dial question to the right.  My reports then read First Name, Email, Last Name, Question.  Frustrating as we prefer the layout as designed on the form, but the end result is cumbersome.


      4.  Allow for the creation of folders to manage numerous forms and the creationg of mailing lists (panels) for distribution within the software, rather than having to send a link via Outlook or some other exterior mailer.  This would also allow for ease in tracking who of the list has completed the form and who has not.




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          After much searching I managed to find answers to some of these items.


          Feature Request:


          1.  I guess there is an option to view/print a single response as seen in the form.  Using the drop-down area at the left of the row.  I was selecting the row and using the "Show Details" option under view, then using the export PDF option in that window.  I have no upgraded yet and did not realize these were two different features.  I am testing this software to present to my boss for a project.  If he agrees then we will be purchasing the upgrade to have the advanced features.  It should still offer the ability to include the text fields in the reports if you choose.


          3.  I had previously tried to copy/paste columns in the proper order, but found the new responses did not populate as intended.  But, I found that you can actually drag a column to a new position by grabbing the "Page" icon at the top of the column and moving it.  The field still populates as it did before.