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    When would ApplicationDomain.hasDefinition yield false for a valid class name?

    Frerich Raabe Level 1

      I'm using Flash Player 11.5 and just hit a case in whic ApplicationDomain.hasDefinition() yields false (and ApplicationDomain.getDefinition() raises a ReferenceError) for any string in the vector returned by ApplicationDomain.getQualifiedClassNames().


      The scenario: I'm using the "PreloadSwf" mechanism to load a small .swf file. In this, I'm using SWFLoader to load another swf file and then try to instantiate a type in that second swf - this fails. The application domain object is the one on the 'content' object given by the SWFLoader. If I call 'getQualifiedClassNames()' on it, I get plenty of types, but calling 'hasDefinition()' on any of those types yields false. Does anybody know why that is?


      A matter of build flags maybe?