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    Capture Quality, Premiere Pro CS6


      When I capture video through PP CS6, and check the properties of that captured clip, I see a seemingly arbitrary rating of "Quality = Least (1.00)"


      When I capture video through AJA Machina, and Import that file into PP CS6, then look at the properties of that clip, it gives it a "Quality = Most (5.00)"


      Can someone explain what this means?  I would like to capture and do everything in just PP, but is the AJA Machina giving me better quality?


      Attached are 2 screenshots:






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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Capturing and importing are different things. You either capture or you import, but in both cases you are just transferring digital data from a source to a destination without any quality loss.

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            hdr_Marcus Level 1

            I understand the difference between capturing and importing.  Both clips were captured at one point in time.  One with PP itself, and one with an oustide capture software, AJA Machina.  Because one of the captured clips was captured with an ouside bit of software, it has to be imported into PP.  That doesnt mean it was never captured.  What I am trying to decide is, is there any difference between PP capturing, and AJA Machina capturing.  From the properties tab itself, PP is telling me that there is something different:  the aforementioned "Quality" section of said properties tab.  The AJA screen shot also shows what Compressor was used  (in this case AJA 2vuy 8-bit YUV 422.)  Whereas the PP capture says "Compressor = " and its left blank.


            I want to know why one says Quality = Most (5.00) and the other says Quality = Least (1.00) When every other setting was the same between the 2 capture devices.  Same resolution, same frame rates, same pixel aspect ratio, same everything.  Except this Quality section of the properties of each captured clip.


            If this is a purely arbitrary tag in the properties tab, why have it?


            (Refer back to screen shots)