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    What is the best way to import and export footage from the 5D Mark II?





      I've just finished shooting what I am considering to be my directorial masterpiece.  Shot it on the Canon 5D (1080p, 24fps), and the footage looks amazing.  Now I am ready to start editing and have been using premiere lately, but I have yet to figure out the proper pipeline.  I want to know the best way to retain resolution before I delve into this project.



      My questions:


      1)  What is the best way to start a new project and import the footage without having to render whilst editing, so as to retain all resolution and originality of the source footage?


      2)  What is the best way/ codec/ format to export this same footage once editing is complete so as to retain that crisp 1080p for which the 5D is so recognized?


      3)  What is the best way/ codec/ format to import and export/ render between premiere and after effects?  I am speaking mostly of vfx and color correction.  I also have some 30fps footage that I intend to slow down in AE and then import into premiere.



      I know this is pretty broad, but as a solo filmmaker I really need someone's guidance.  I rarely ever finish my films with the same, crisp look as the footage.  I need pipeline help, and really appreciate it!