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    Syntax Font Issue


      I've included a video in this post, as it is difficult to describe what the issue is with just plain text. I have a word document that is in Times New Roman, I'd like to copy the document into InDesign CS6 and change all of the font to Syntax. I've tried copying single lines of text, importing the whole document, and copying paragraphs. Any words that contain the letters fi get truncated, which is a ligature thing it would seem. I don't know what is causing the issue as ligatures are off for both word and indesign.



      What I have tried so far:

      • Tried turning off ligatures in word and indesign 
      • When Syntax font is capitalized displays normally
      • Seems to only happen when going from times new roman to syntax
      • Changed font to something else other than syntax (created a [] with a pink background where fi should be in the word significantly)
      • The word siginifcantly when copied from another document works fine.



      *Make sure to watch in HD and full screen so you can see all text in the video.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Where did this version of syntax originate (i.e. is it a system font, or purchased version)?


          You say you turned off ligatures, but they sure look like they are active in ID in the video....

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            vantage_partners Level 1

            The Syntax font I am using is a system font.


            ligatures off.JPG

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              I think I wasn't clear. I meant was it installed as part of the OS installation, but I see when I look more closely that you are running Windows, so it would not have been. I suspect since it seem to be a TrueType version that it may be fairly old? That could be the problem.

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                vantage_partners Level 1

                I just don't understand how I am able to create a new document, type the word significantly (in Times New Roman opentype), copy the word, then paste it into InDesign and set the font to Syntax without it dropping the fi. The original document was running in compatibility mode with ligatures set to on. I re-saved the document to new format (docx) and turned ligatures off.

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                  [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                  There is more than one way to get a "fi" ligature. One is the Ligature option, which automatically scans your text and replaces them with the correct glyph. This happens in the background: you don't see it happening, and if you move your cursor over the "f", it will end up in between "f" and "i".


                  Another method is to forcefully *insert* the single character "fi" into your text -- one character. If you do this with InDesign, using an OpenType font, ID is smart enough to *still* insert it as a soft ligature. However, with some fonts this does not work, and you get a single character that only *looks* like the actual ligature. Because it's a single character, any other font that you apply must also have this character glyph at the same position; and if you don't, you get the dreaded "Never heard of this'un" Pink Box.


                  If this is the case with your document, you can copy this single character and replace it with "fi". Then you'll see you can change the font at will, independent of the actual Ligature settings.

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                    [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                    In case you are wondering how the single character popped up in Word, (a) it could just be Word acting up ... always a plausible explanation.


                    Or (b) the text was copied out of software that does not recognize ligatures as independent characters, such as some versions of PDFs (or rather, the software it was created with).

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                      ugh..so I am having the same problem with the Olive Charming font... it wont let me use any "if"s ...and its being super cagey not letting me copy in from others either .. :-/

                      UPDATE: forced it by inserting the i as a glyph.. whew spent waaay too much time on that..;-/