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    Uploading a program for testing


      Hi, how can I upload a program I made to my website that I created in Dreamweaver, so that users can Test the software on my website and then order it if they are happy with it??

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          I assume you are referring to a mobile app.  When you compile the app you can distribute it but users will have to switch their phone to development mode which will allow testing.  If they do not individually do this they will not be able to install and unsigned package to their phone.

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            sudarshan.t Level 6

            SnakEyez02, I think OP is referring to a 'software program' as in a 'Webapp'. I think it is best OP clarifies this first.


            Also, if it is a mobile app and if it is iOS, even Development mode will not let them access it - unless the user's device UID is built into the package.

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              MafiaBrendon Level 1

              It is a normal windows app. Not a phone app. Basically I want a user to go to my webpage, and click on "Demo" and then be redirected to the actual program to play around a bit and test it... I've seen demo's on the web, and now i want to be able to do that

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                sudarshan.t Level 6

                Depends on how you want to 'restrict' or 'limit' access to users trying to test your app.


                Do you mean it is a 'Windows' app? In that case you cannot deploy it within a webpage. If it is a 'Web-app' which means if it is a PHP/ ASP/ JSP app or Flex app, they can try it out within the browser.


                If it is a Windows app, you'll probably have 2 choices:


                • Make a demo version of the app (limit functionality from within the app code itself) and make it available for download through your website so your users can first try it and if they like it, they come to your online store, purchase the app, at which point in time, you'll send them an e-mail with a full-version download link
                • Other option is to create a simple Flash simulation of your actual app so users get a feel for what your app can do - then they can purchase the app at which point, you'll give them access to full version of app