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    Add dancer.js library waveform to Edge animate with yepnope


      *Getting external library dancer.js to load via yepnope


      Hello Tim you have an excellent solution with yepnope, i hope you can help me cause i try to add the dancer.js library here de example (http://pelidesk.vv.si/java/examples/audio_element/ ) to my edge animate with yepnope something like this..


      on creatinComplete










      'http://pelidesk.vv.si/java/plugins/dancer.waveform.js'], complete: init});



      function init (){





      // i dont now how its de funtion to call and visualizate the java waveform and audio player. i hope you can to orientate myself


      //maybe i dont need all de js. ...






      Thank you!

      i hope dont duplicate de discussion thanks a lot guys!!