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    Auto Reload/Refresh of page or content


      I am a newb to Edge Animate and coding in general. I am developing a mobile web page with text on it. I need to update the text and have users see the updated text without having to reload/refresh the page themselves. Is there a way to have the page auto-refresh or another way to ensure people see the updated text if they already have the page loaded on their device?

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          Patel Bharat Level 2

          Hi Friend,


          Use Javascript utility for auto-refresh the page.


          Following example will be helpful to you:





          <script type="text/JavaScript">


          function timedRefresh(timeoutPeriod) {




          //   -->



          <body onload="JavaScript:timedRefresh(5000);">

          <p>This page will refresh every 5 seconds. This is because we're using the 'onload' event to call our function. We are passing in the value '5000', which equals 5 seconds.</p>

          <p>But hey, try not to annoy your users too much with unnecessary page refreshes every few seconds!</p>





          Enjoy RIA

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            AER6112 Level 1

            Excellent. Many thanks, Bharat!