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    Merged Projects and CHM questions

    tripwire45 Level 1
      I came across this issue yesterday when I was modifying the font style for my master and sub-projects. This turns out to be an issue whenever I make any changes to a sub-project. When I make a change to a sub-project, I then recompile the sub-project and then the master project. Nevertheless, when I view the project, although the merged sub-project appears in the TOC and the content is there, the changes aren't reflected. In order to get the changes to appear, I have to delete the CHM sub-project's file from the Microsoft_HTML_Help folder in the master project, delete then recreate the merge link in the master project's TOC and recompile to finally see the changes. Am I going to have to do this each time I make a change to a sub-project, or is there a way to fetch an updated file from the sub-project into the main project when I recompile?

      Also, I've been reviewing the projects created by my predecessor and notice that the CHMs are contained in the !CHM! folder. Whenever I create a new HTML Help project, my CHM files are stored in !SSL!/Microsoft_HTML_Help. I'm sure that the older projects were created with HTML Help and am at a loss as to why my projects don't create a !CHM! folder. Incidently, when I look in those older projects, there is a !SSL! folder present, but when I open it, the folder is empty.

      Thanks in advance for any responses and assistance.