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    Links and destinations problems - page view


      Hi there,


      I'm working on a large PDF in Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. This PDF has a LOT of internal links, and I want to link to a page view, and inherit zoom. Not only do I have to manually change the zoom to "inherit zoom" after I create a link, but Acrobat has stopped saving my changes.


      Things were going along swimmingly for awhile - I was creating links, making the destination a page view (so that the user can find the appropriate glossary entry I'm linking them to), and then going back and choosing "Inherit Zoom". And then copying the link and pasting it throughout the document as I needed. all great. Until, randomly, one of the links didnt' test right. I clicked on it and was taken to the TOP of the page, not the page view - its action was set to "Go to a page in this document" instead of "Go to a page view". So I deleted that link, and started over with a fresh one, making sure it was set to "Go to a page view". Then I copied that link, and pasted it 2 pages later. I tested that second link, and once again it just took me to the top of the page. I tested the original one - the one I made to replace the faulty one 2 pages ago - and even though I had JUST set it to page view, it too just went to the top of the page.


      This is so frustrating - Acrobat is literally just ignoring my commands. I am at a loss as to what to do. Please help!