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    Questions using a MAC


      Are there disadvantages to using the Organizer on a MAC?

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          99jon Legend

          No. Unless you are also using iPhoto which can result in duplicated images on your hard drive.


          But you can use iPhoto with PSE as the external editing application.

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            Barbara B. Mythic

            Disadvantages as compared to what? The mac organizer still lacks some features found in the windows organizer, like the slideshow editor. Or do you mean disadvantages compared to using another photo editor on a mac?

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              rhea2 Newcomer

              No, I have heard that one might not want to use the Organizer on the MAC because of iPhoto.  I'm really quite new to Elements but I want to be able to edit photos using it because iPhoto is really lacking in SOOO many ways. Would you suggest importing all my pictures into the Organizer?

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                rhea2 Newcomer

                Would you still import all pictures into the Organizer and then edit them as desired?  Does the newer version, Elements 11 allow you to choose which photos to import.  I am using Elements 9 (haven't used it for a couple of years - I changed to a MAC) and would like to know if there are any significant changes.  Are you using Elements 11?

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                  99jon Legend


                  I use PSE11 editor but from the Lightroom Library. If you have a lot of photos in the iPhoto Library you may wish to set up PSE11 as the external editor.


                  But you must also change your preferences in PSE11 by going to:

                  Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor >> Preferences >> Saving Files

                  Change the top dropdown menu to read: On first save Save Over Current File


                  You should be able to edit in iPhoto by double clicking a thumbnail or edit in Elements using Cmd+Click (or choose Edit in External editor)


                  The important thing to remember is after you finish editing in Elements to use Cmd+S (or File >> Save) and then the iPhoto library copy will get updated. If you use File >> Save As then you create a new file and iPhoto will know nothing about it.



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                    rhea2 Newcomer

                    Thanks 99jon!  You have been very helpful!

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                      Barbara B. Mythic

                      Also, you don't have to use either iphoto or organizer if you prefer not to. It's not like you must choose one or the other.