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    Text Frame Auto-Size bug? Right margin changes?

    tomaugerdotcom Level 1


      Here is a rounded textbox with an inset of 4, vertical align center. I'm turning Auto-Size on, so the right edge grows as the text in the box gets longer.




      Width only, adjust only the right edge (that alignment UI is messed up BTW if any Adobe UX peeps read this - I ought to be clicking the right hand edge to get what I want!!).


      Now I add an "r" to the end.




      Now, instead of the "r" I will add an "a". It's not much wider than the "r", and I'm not doing anything funky with the kerning. This font is also Helvetica Neue LT Std, so a premium tyepface.




      Notice how much more padding on the right there is? This makes no sense. Now, if I keep typing...




      ... the padding appears to remain constant, or grow slightly.


      My point here is that the inside padding is messed up. It should be 4px inset all around and that's the end of it. Something's off in your algorithm.




      YMMV depending on typeface it appears. Notice that Arial (the second one) appears to work better than Times New Roman.