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    Cannot reinstall Flash Player


      I uninstalled FP in order to install the newest version.


      The uninstall using add/remove was fine.


      Now, I download the installer, locate it on the desktop, right click and "run as administrator", I get the UAC verification which I approve, the installer service then appears in services, the installation package on the desktop disappears (it does not go to recycle bin) and then everything just sits there.


      I've verified that I have the current windows installer version and that is is not disabled so it should start.  I have this same identical issue with reinstalling Reader.


      I uninstalled and installed Java yesterday and it installed, I also downloaded an uninstaller utility which installed and ran.  So, I don't believe the issue is with installing, it seems to be specific to Adobe flash and reader.


      Please help; both these are required for my wife;s work and needless to say I'm on her list since I can't reinstall.  Thanks for any help.