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    Replace Footage: Replace SD with HD without losing in/out markers?


      Hello all, I'm on a big time crunch and would appreciate any help!


      My video project used 6 different cameras. This was an all day event and thus I have a lot of footage. I had someone pull the video from a P2 card and send it to me as one long video of all of the footage from that 1 camera.

      I began cutting and organizing it into smaller sections, moving them to the bin folders, before realizing the person had reduced it from 1280x720 to 720x480, AFTER I had done a large portion of the work.


      Q: I have the original downloading now. The footage files are identical aside from resolution and format. If I "Replace Footage" in the bin on the primnary file, will it update all of the individual clips I created from that original lower res. version? It will be extremely time consuming if I have to go back and chop it all again.


      Hope I am clear with my dilemma. I will continue editing while this 23GB file downloads if this works like I'm asking. That way I can essentially finish the video and simply replace with HD.


      Thank you!