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    History brush with adjustment layers

    JonnyDL Level 1

      I've moved from using destructive adjustments to the nondestructive adjustment layers, but I can't seem to get a handle on how to use the history brush?


      I've tried taking a snapshop of the current state with adjustments. then click back to the original snapshot as the source, hoping the history brush would work, but it doesn't. is there a way to use the history brush with adjustment layers?


      I've see one demo that doesn't exactly use the history brush, the paint black on the adjustment layer to expose whats beneath it.

      Is this how you need to work with adjustment layers?


      Any explanations would be appreciated

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          conroy Level 5

          History Brush can be used on the mask of an adjustment layer.


          Click in the space at the left of a state in History panel to make it the source for the HB, and a HB icon will appear in that space.

          The mask can be targeted by clicking its thumbnail in Layers panel.

          Use the HB to paint on the mask.