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    HTTP Status in FaultEvent

      My application's mid-tier is based on web-services that return an HTTP 401 or 403 if the user is not authenitacted. In Flex 2.0 B3 the borwser automatically shows an http authenication dialog if a 401 is returned. If a 403 is returned or the user cancels the browser auth dialog a FaultEvent is thrown. This is exactly the behavior I expect / desire.

      My problem comes in processing the fault event. I cannot seem to find any way to access the HTTP Response code to tell that the request fauled due to authentication. In fact all i can tell from the Fault is that the was an "HTTP Error". I get a Error #2032 in the description but this just seems to mean IOError since i get this same code regardless of the result.

      Can anyone help me find a way to read the underlying HTTP Response code, or to somhow tell why the connection failed.

      - Kelly Birr
      Agents Ally, Inc
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          Has anyone figured this out? Seems Flex has really missed the boat on building a client-side tool when it can't even make use of RESTful services, so I'm sure I'm missing something.

          We've spent many hours trying to figure out how to obtain the HTTP Status code and other HTTP Headers in out client, but can't seem to get anywhere.

          Help is much appreciated.