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    2/26/2013 - Flash Player 11.6 Update

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      Today, Flash Player 11.6 was updated to address functional and security issues when browsing and playing Flash content.


      Security update details can be found here: Security Bulletin (APSB13-08)


      This release also addresses microphone SampleDataEvent issues that were reported against the initial 11.6 release.


      For full details on the 11.6 release, please see our release notes.


      Current Flash Player desktop users that have enrolled in the "Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended)" will receive the update automatically within 24 hours.


      Users that have the"Notify me to install updates" update mechanism selected will receive an update notification dialog within 7 days from today (please note that Windows users will need to restart their system to receive the notification dialog.)


      Please note that both Flash Player for Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 8 are updated using a different mechanism.  Flash Player for Google Chrome updates will occur during regular Chrome updates.  Flash Player updates for Internet Explorer on Windows 8 will be provided by Microsoft though the Windows automatic update feature.


      If you would like to install the update immediately, please use one of the links below:


      Flash Player 11.6 desktop for Windows and Macintosh: 11.6.602.171


      Flash Player 11.2 desktop for Linux:


      Flash Player 10.3 desktop for Windows, Macintosh and Linux:


      Previous versions of Flash Player can be found on the Archived Flash Player page