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    Acrobat X Form using Javascript problem


      I have a Acrobat Form which I originally created in Acrobat 7 Pro that has a button which executes many lines of javascript.  In the javascript there is a large if then else statement group that sets a variable.


      I have not worked on this form in many years and recently opened the form using Acrobat X Pro and edited all of the javascript code.  The problem is that when I save the document and click on the button it is still executing the previous javascript code for some reason.  I have looked everywhere I can think of to make sure there is no remnant of the old code left and cannot find any.  It seems like there is a cached copy of the old code somewhere that is being used.  I have looked in the properties of the button and in the all javascript area of the forms menu and cannot find any reference to the old code.



      Any Idea why this is happening?


      Nick B