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    Shutterfly Upload problem


      I have trial version of Elements 11; Also have full version, but have not installed yet, as I wanted to wait until I completed current project. I created/edited an album of wedding photos in the Organizer. I tried to upload album to Shutterfly to make an archival DVD and also make a photo book in Shutterfly. The photos uploaded individually to the Shutterfly print page to print individually, but the album will not upload to My Pictures, it shows the album name, but it is empty. How do I get the photos to upload?? Shutterfly was not sure how.

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          Andromeda14 Level 3

          'but the album will not upload to My Pictures' - Click on album name on left panel. Grid will show all images belonging to the album. Press CTRL+A and click on 'Create->Photo Print->Order prints from shutterfly'. Log in to account and all your images will be shown there.

          To share a Photobook on Shutterfly, Select the images which you want to create a photobook and clikc on 'Create->Photobook'. Editor will be launched with Photobook dialog. Here various options (about sizes) for Shuterfly will be shown. Choose the appropriate one and click on 'order' button.

          Please let me know if that doesn't work for you.