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    how to  find the length of dropdown in a cq dialog where options are coming from json..




      It seems simple, but when am trying to implement it was really hard to find..

      My requireement is like to find the length of a d dropdown where options are coming from json ..


      Am able to get the options from a jsp file which returns json..

      I am trying to write a listener to give some alert message for length of a dropdown, for me which is always retuning zero..


      //method 1:

      var items = $("#DropDownList1 options");

      alert(items.length); //Output: 0

      //method 2:

      alert($("#DropDownList1 options").length); //Output:0

      //method 3:


      ('DropDownList1').options.length); //Output: 0



      all the above are not working for me.. can any one please sujjest me to this problem..