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    Video Previews Greyed Out When Creating a New Sequence


      Let me start off by apologizing in advance if this problem has by answered somewhere else in these forums, I have been searching for the past couple hours through these forums and google but have not come up with an answer to solve or address this issue I am having.


      When I try and create a new sequence using customs setting I have some things greyed out, specifically Playback settings, and then in video previews the codec dropdown and configure button respectively.



      I'm not sure why these are greyed out, and I'm not really concerned about the playback setting button at this time, I'm more interested in why the codec dropdown and configure button are greyed out.  Also my Preview File Format options might be missing some options I'm not sure this is the list I currently get from that dropdown:



      What I am trying to accomplish is import native dslr footage, create a sequence with matching setting and a PREVIEW setting of Avid DNxHD for editing, rendering, etc. to accomplish this it seems like I would need Quicktime to be an option to select from the Preview File Format dropdown (I have quicktime installed and everything, I can export Quicktime DNxHD .movs along with every other kind of export option fine)  But with these current options it does not seem like I can achieve this, unless I am trying to accomplish this in the completely wrong way, which may be a possibility?  I would think something like this would be possible to do as well but again maybe not, or might not be possible with my current system.


      My system info is the following:


      Premiere Pro CS6

      Windows 64-bit SP1

      Intel i5-Core 2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz

      AMD Radeon HD 6780

      8GB Ram


      Thanks for any guidance on solving this issue that is currently stumping me, and my brain has officially given up on thinking of new ways to google this issue for a potential fix because nothing has been found yet by myself.

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Playback settings is for controlling playback display on an external monitor.  Unless you have some 3rd-party card like Aja or BlackMagic installed, you don't need access to those settings.


          Quicktime is not available as a preview format on a PC.  You'll need a Mac for that.


          The Configure options will become available when you choose Microsoft AVI as your format and you choose a codec that has configurable options.



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            Chris.M337 Level 1

            Thank you Jeff, it makes sense about the QuickTime preview being Mac only, but it raises another question I guess. This might be talked about to death on these forums by this point, if so could someone point me in the general direction of those discussions.


            But basically I am coming over from a Mac workflow where I could import the native dslr footage knowing I could make a sequence with QuickTime preview and ProRes codec. Then I could go about editing and eventually render the timeline. Then when I was ready to export I could use the sequence and check use previews to export out a master ProRes file that I could then make into whatever format I needed in AME. Been using this workflow for awhile and it's been very fast and effective for me.


            Now that I have been switched over to Window platform I figured it would be as simple as changing the preview codec from ProRes to DNxHD (guess it was more wishful thinking about not having to figure out a whole new workflow, and I probably could have realized that QuickTime preview would only have been available on Mac platform), but none the less if there a workflow that windows users roughly follow to take native dslr footage and then somehow be able to quickly export into a master file similar to what Mac people do with the ProRes masters?  Don't know of using something like Microsoft AVI with an uncompressed codec or the V210 10 bit codec option, would have correlation to the QuickTime preview with ProRes codec?


            Like I said if this has been answered somewhere else pointing me in the general direction will be fine. Thanks guys for the help with this. Sorry about any typos as I'm responding on my phone atm.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              Most times you don't really need to render first.  PP is pretty good at doing a lot of things realtime.  But for the occasional effect heavy sequence or clip, then using Microsoft AVI would be a good way to go.  Uncompressed is good if you want to use previews for export.  UT is also a good lossless option a lot of us use, available free.




              For masters, MXF OP1a using the AVC-I 100 codec is a good choice.  The files are fairly small compared to UT and Uncompressed, but still Master quality.