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    PP CS6 PageUp & PageDn shortcut keys not working

    thetasound Level 1

      Heads up... This may look like a simple topic that's been covered before, but read on and you'll see it's different.


      I've been using Premiere since v5.5 (Windows 95, not CS 5.5!). I use lots of shortcut keys for all my apps. Premiere has always used PageUp and PageDn to move the cursor to the next edit point (any cut video or audio clip). In PP CS6, I went into change the shortcut keys for those two commands to the same ones I've been using for years. PP CS6 has two sets of options for cursor movements: Selected Track(s) or Any Track. The Any Track is the way it's worked before in earlier versions of PP. I set the Any Tracks Next/Previous to PageDown and PageUp respectively. The actual keystrokes appear in the hot-key window when I press them so I know PP sees the keys and knows what they are.


      When I saved the shortcuts and went to the timeline... nada. PgUp and PgDn do nothing. This has nothing to do with selected video tracks as I'm using the Any Tracks option. To do a further test, I changed the shortcut keys to Ctrl+PgUp and Ctr+PgDn for Any Track. When I  tested that out, it worked perfectly. So this appears to be a bug of some kind. I've been using PgUp and  PgDn for many years. I certainly don't want to have to hold the Ctrl key down while Paging Up and Down to move around the project from clip to clip!


      Does anyone have a solution to this one?


      Thanks for your help...