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    Problems with support- no details added, no product specified


      After spending more than a hour with a FOREIGN customer service representative - I have never been as frustrated with Adobe as I am currently; Case number # 021259217 and your support supervisor VIJAVANT SRIVASTAVA, Customer SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE --- made up an excuse - and closed the CASE stating that; it was not UPGRADEABLE! I have never been so aggrivated with a company that has gone to such lengths as to 'Take Advantage' of its customers and to 'Brush Them Off' after they've spent hundreds of dollars for their product. It's Obvious that ADOBE has no real care about 'their' customers' and continue using people like VIJAVANT SRIVASTAVA to 'Shut Down' Adobe Customers - offering NO SOLUTION! This I know say to ADOBE; YCKMFAACMACYIMFKRS. TWCADWYWNBIBBOYFUPATFTYU! I have spent money on Adobe products only to be 'Brushed Off' - and this is my only source of being able to let someone know in your company, regarding my disastifaction. Please do not ask me for any referrals or opinions, or I will tell you how I really feel about your corporation and its policies, not to mention; your use of people who are unaware ... making them nothing more than the ignorant slaves you so desire. I really hope this business model in which you've chosen comes back to revist you in a manner that you company ceases to be a thriving business.